Aldo van den Broek
painter / sculptor

“Like a modern towncomber” Aldo van den Broek, creates charged texturized canvases and sculptures. By using scrap materials that he carefully selects from the street he reframes and re-contextualizes his subject, and combines technical mastery, with playful assemblage techniques.

Aldo van den Broek is a self-taught artist born in 1985 in Delft, The Netherlands. Between 2010 and 2020 he lived and worked in Germany. He is currently located In Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Aldo van den Broek is known for his paintings and sculptures that derive from influences of expressionism, brutalism, and the beat poetry generation. Often devoted to the depiction of metropolises, desolated landscapes, and strangers. He uses a wide range of references, from everyday life as well as a vast archive of self-made snapshots from places and people he encounters during his travels. “Like a modern towncomber” he creates charged, texturized canvases and sculptures by using scrap materials that he carefully selects from the street such as cardboard, wood, fabrics, plastic, and metals. He reframes and re-contextualizes his subject and combines technical mastery with playful assemblage techniques. These resulting stills defy straightforward interpretation as he questions our fast-paced society, exploring love, death, and the existential.