Vacuum, 2023. Acrylics on wood, canvas and cardboard- 265 cm x 236 cm. Amsterdamse Rechtbank collection, permanent on view, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Amsterdam Court House

A solo exhibition (open for public)
April 3 till June 27, 2024.

Within the solemn halls of the Amsterdam Courthouse, where justice intersects with society's intricacies, Aldo van den Broek's exhibition "Echo" aims to provoke introspection and contemplation among its viewers. The grandeur of the courthouse building itself plays an active role in the presentation, its white marbleish walls providing a stark contrast to Aldo's deliberate use of humble materials like dirt, cardboard, and wood. Each contrasting swath of black and white on his canvases serves as a symbolic representation of the dichotomies within our justice system, evoking notions of right and wrong, innocence and guilt, order and chaos. Through this visual language, viewers are prompted to confront the complexities and contradictions inherent in legal frameworks, contemplating the principles and practices that underpin societal notions of justice. In the showcased works, the distinction between the spectator, the judge, and the prosecutor becomes muddled, challenging conventional perceptions of viewer participation and prompting introspection on interpretation, moral agency, and power dynamics inherent in engaging with art. By obscuring boundaries between observer and participant, the exhibition encourages viewers to reconsider their roles and responsibilities in shaping meaning within the artistic context, fostering a deeper exploration of subjective perception and the complexities of judgment.

Opening hours:
Monday until friday
8 AM - 5PM

Amsterdamse Rechtbank, Parnassusweg 280, 1076 AV Amsterdam